Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Miscellaneous mischief

Serious shredding
Our son having assigned himself the project of helping us pair down our possessions, we had literally years worth of documents to shred.  Seemed like a good thing for a temporarily-disabled person to do, so I did.  For several hours.  Oy.

eBay newbie
All that pairing down left us with goodies to sell, so our son tutored me in the delicate art.  I am now the proud seller of a trilogy of paperbacks.  Not sure that the time I spent packing the book wasn't worth more than the minuscule amount of money that I earned.  Oh, well.

Back to work, birthday gal
I celebrated my return to the office and my sixty-seventh birthday on the same day.  It would have been much more pleasant if my good eye hadn't suddenly decided to become extremely light-sensitive, making staring at a computer screen all day a bit of a challenge.  Guess the left eye got tired of being the only full-functioning one, but there's no other option after three rounds of surgery on my right eye in just over two months.  At least I finally acquired an over-the-glasses eye-patch to keep the vision in my bad eye from distracting me from the vision in my good one without me having to keep my bad eye closed (which is not very healthy).  Check out my new Peggy the Pirate look.  :)

Signing off now, to spare my good eye.


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